Wound Care

wound care


Wound Care?

A wound may be described in many ways. There are all kind of reasons why a wound heals poor or slowly, for example by disease, decreased resistance, physical complaints or not enough movement. QRS is a supplier of wound products from various distributors. We are independent and our product range includes all common brands and products. We are constantly looking for (new) innovative products which can provide added value to the healing of complex / hard-to-heal wounds.


Wound Care materials

Our range of wound products is very diverse. The purpose of these various products is:

  • to create a moist wound environment
  • to remove dead (necrotic) tissue
  • cleaning of the wound bed
  • and the protection of newly formed tissue

Within QRS we distinguish  the following product ranges in the treatment of complex / hard-to-heal wounds:

  • basic products
  • absorbent products
  • regulating products
  • moisturizing products

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