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Safe Label System, CodonicsSafe label system Codonics
Safe, compliant, fast medication labeling anywhere syringes are prepared.

Codonics Safe Label System SLS 500i, honored for its innovation, is a complete solution to enhance healthcare by improving patient safety and labeling compliance in the operating room (OR) or other departments where syringes are prepared.

  • Helps reduce the three most common drug errors made in the OR during the course of medication preparation and administration.
  • Improves the workflow and provides clinicians with a series of electronic medication safety checks.
  • Includes a 2D barcode on labels enabling electronic documentation of the medication in the patient’s electronic health or anesthesia record.
  • Prints labels for IV lines, invasive monitor lines, and other OR needs on demand.
  • Includes an integrated administration tool that enables a hospital pharmacy’s formulary to incorporate TJS and ASA labeling requirements, allowing it to be instantly available for verifying and labeling medications at each SLS.
  • When networked, the SLS can receive formulary and configuration packages sent from the administration tool as well as provide status feedback to specified users via the administration tool and email.

Commissioned by QRS, MedValue wrote an independent research report about the Safe Label System. Curious about the report of MedValue?
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 The study of Medvalue (DUTCH): 

QRS at “Ondernemend Nederland, RTL7” (DUTCH):

Instruction for the Safe Label System of Codonics: