Frequently Asked Questions

QRS is besides a developer and producer of smart accessories which are being used in both pre-hospital and hospital settings, also a distributor of high quality medical devices and supplies. Not only within the Netherlands but also through a network of various International Partners QRS is also active as QRS International in many other countries within Europe, the Middle East and beyond. While QRS distributes a wide range of medical disposables and equipment, they also perform (field) repair service and maintenance. QRS also has specialized itself in the field of disinfection while supplying products to be used in the sterile environment. QRS consists of five branches, each specialized in different medical solutions which complement and support each other while being able to achieve the highest level of support to the healthcare markets and obtaining the best of class ranking in customer satisfaction.
  • Medical Consumables We are a consultant for the purchase of medical equipment and consumables. Many resources are in our warehouse in Oss in stock. We help healthcare organizations through cost reduction, efficiency, supplier reduction (one-stop-shopping) and infection prevention.
  • Medical Equipment We are an expert in the field of medical equipment and furnishings. Besides selling equipment, we also provide trainings for users. Medication safety, trauma and resuscitation, defibrillation and monitoring, saving time and reducing costs are issues in which we help our clients. Together with the customer we always look for the best solution.
  • Service and Maintenance We are an expert in the field of service and maintenance of medical equipment. For QRS it is irrelevant if the equipment is supplied by QRS or by other suppliers which brands are already in use at hospitals, private clinics, ambulance services and other medical organizations. We will always be able to assist with service and maintenance, as well for the intra- and extramural market.
  • Facility We are a specialist in the field of hygiene in healthcare. Products such as macerator, mobile devices for disinfection, medication holders and patient monitoring. Using the mentioned products, we assist organizations in the field of pain monitoring, bedside monitoring, infection prevention, sterilizing instruments and medication safety.
  • Sports Care We are a supplier of products that deal with sports care. Products range from a complete practice facility with accessories to a wide range of care products.
The office of QRS is open on weekdays from 8:00 to 17:00h.
We are only located in Oss, Randmeer 12. However, we do have a second QRS in Belgium, www.qrshc.be.
This will depend on the product needs of your organization. You can visit the webshop of QRS for the regular medical consumables. In the webshop, you can register yourself easily. Once registered you can always enter the webshop and order all the necessary products. For other products, you can always request more information by completing the contact form! Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more then happy to help you!
Due to strict security of your email traffic, it is possible that your email service provider placed the email in your spam or junk mail folder. To prevent these emails being marked as spam, please indicate to your email provider that the e-mail address can be seen as a safe sender.
At QRS, we have the majority of our products in stock, making it possible to deliver within 24 hours. Only if your order is placed on a business day before 11:00. We do not deliver in weekends. This information is only valid for orders within the Netherlands. For orders outside the Netherlands, please contact QRS.
The ease of logging in, is that you do not have to fill in all your data each time. All information will be kept and for a next order you can always look back at the previous orders. There is also the possibility to see your private range, including the prices.
At the login screen, you can indicate that you have forgotten your password. We will send you, after verifying your email address, a new password.
Yes, in most cases this will be possible. Please contact us for more information.
The standard cost is €9,50 for shipments within the Netherlands. For orders above €250,- (Excl. VAT), no delivery costs will be charged. When the order is larger or heavier, the delivery costs will increase.
No problem, please send an email with the invoice number to debiteuren@qrs.nl.
Please visit our webshop and login with your data. In case you don't have an account yet, register yourself without any obligation. After you logged in, you can see the prices of all articles. In case you are not able to find the right article, please send an email with the product details to order@qrs.nl.
When you are logged in at the webshop and selected the relevant article, you will see next to the price a green, orange or red button. Green indicates that there is more then enough stock, orange indicates that there is a limited supply and red indicates that there isn't stock at all. In case you would like to know what the delivery time would be, please send an email to order@qrs.nl.
This depends on the product which has been ordered and if the product is specifically ordered for the customer. In most cases, this is no problem. Please send an email to order@qrs.nl with the following information:
  • Order number
  • Article number
  • LOT number
  • Expiration date
In this way we would have all the information we need and we will provide you with a quick response.
Please contact QRS by phone or mail and we make sure your question will be answered as soon as possible!