Ultrasound Simulation

Ultrasound simulatie


The promise of better patient outcomes

The rise of medical ultrasound use for bedside assessment, diagnostics, perioperative monitoring and guided interventions has been driven by improvement in technology, cost-effectiveness and growing clinical evidence of improved patient outcomes through reduced errors and complications. The value of ultrasound is so widely recognized that it has been termed the stethoscope of the future.

The use of ultrasound can improve patient management and outcomes, but its effectiveness is highly dependent on the skill of the practitioner. The rapid growth in ultrasound has resulted in a need for effective training solutions.

These training solutions must:

  • Meet specific training requirements based on the background and specialty of the trainee.
  • Effectively allow the trainee to build the skills necessary to apply ultrasound to clinical practice.
  • Minimize patient risk.
  • Be scalable to efficiently meet the enormous demand for training.

CAE Healthcare provides a portfolio of ultrasound simulation solutions that uses innovative technology, trains healthcare professionals to use ultrasound in numerous clinical settings, provides scalable self-directed learning for trainees that reduces the onus on instructors and allows for risk-free clinical practice without real patients.

You will find the full spectrum of CAE Healthcare’s ultrasound simulation products below. For more information please contact our specialist.