Patient Simulation

Patient simulatie


Setting the standard with validated, modeled physiology.

Ever since the introduction of CAE Healthcare’s first patient simulator, the HPS, our patient simulation line has set the standard for realism, accuracy and lifelike physiology.

CAE Healthcare delivers sophisticated physiological models that adapt to interventions based on the patient’s age, weight, underlying health conditions, and the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment.

For example, a patient’s blood pressure might be low due to hypovolemia or vasodilation. In both cases, fluid infusion or the administration of a vasoconstrictor drug will raise blood pressure, but the effect on cardiac output, pulmonary gas exchange and tissue oxygenation will be markedly different. CAE Healthcare patient simulators respond automatically and accurately based on validated physiology. With the addition of the Vïvo software in Apollo and Athena, facilitators also have the option to create and store their own physiology and patient responses and user-driven scenarios.

All of CAE Healthcare’s patient simulators begin with Müse modeled physiology—the most accurate and advanced physiology available today. That’s why our patient simulators are used at leading medical institutions around the globe, and why they are the training products of choice within high-stakes, mission-critical environments.

Below you will find all the patient simulators. Please contact our specialist for more information.