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NEMO patchPUREtrace has been developed to use for the most direct measure for uterine activity – the electrical muscle activity of the uterus – for fetal monitoring. By using the Graphium electrodepatch, reliable information is obtained in a comfortable and entirely safe way. As the PUREtrace can be connected directly with available fetal monitors, the new technology is available for hospitals without requiring large investments in new equipment.
At the patient side, PUREtrace is connected to the Graphium electrodepatch and at the other side it is connected to the fetal monitor by a suitable connector. PUREtrace is available for the fetal monitors listed below:

  • Philips 50-serie;
  • Philips Avalon FM30 en FM50;
  • Neoventa Stan S21 / S31;
  • GE Healthcare Corometrics 250 series.


The Graphium electrodepatch has been developed for the non-invasive registration of uterine activity based on electrophysiological measurements. The Graphium electrodepatch measures the electrical muscle activity from contractions of the uterus. The product has been developed to maximize the comfort for the pregnant patient and the ease of use for the medical professional. The patch consists of materials that provide maximal comfort to the patient and after easily applying the patch correctly, uterine contraction can be measured immediately.

The Graphium electrodepatch is used with PUREtrace, which processes the measured signals.



Bas Lemmens (Nemo Healthcare)