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PYNG Medical


PYNG Medical: “Saving lives in seconds”

PYNG Medical engineers, manufactures and distributes award-winning trauma and resuscitation products for front-line critical care personnel world-wide. With growing markets in North America, Europe and Asia, Pyng develops specialized medical devices for use by hospital staff, emergency medical services and military forces.

QRS is the exclusive distributor within the Netherlands of different PYNG Medical products.


FAST Responder

The Fast Responder is the newest sternal intraosseous device from Pyng Medical. Developed for first responders and first receivers, FASTResponder is specifically designed to be as easy to learn, simple to use, and fail-safe as possible – even for first time users and new medical professionals.

7 reasons to choose FASTResponder Sternal IO:

  • Compact & lightweight design fits nicely into your emergency bag or on your crash cart.
  • Batteries not included – or needed. Which means FASTResponder is always ready to go when you are.
  • Quick and easy site location. The sternum is much easier to locate and access than the long bones.
  • Reliable & consistent access with automatic depth control built in. No choosing the right pin or worrying about too much pressure.
  • All-in-one design makes it simple to learn and hard to make mistakes, even for first time users.
  • Low profile tubing means your IV is more secure and hard to dislodge during transport.
  • Less pain for your patient both on insertion and infusion. Lidocaine is not required in many cases.


T-POD Responder

De T-POD Responder is the newest pelvic stabilization device from Pyng Medical. Developed for first responders, T-PODResponder is specifically designed to be quickly applied in the field by one person using an easy-to-tighten pulley system. With a highly flexible design, T-PODResponder is small and compact, is one-size-fits-all, and can remain on through MRI, X-Ray and CT scans.

6 reasons to choose T-PODResponder:

  • One person can apply. Designed with an easy-to-tighten pulley system, T-PODResponder can be applied by one person in the field.
  • One size fits all. You can customize the fit of T-PODResponder for nearly any size person over 50 lbs.
  • 100% radiolucent. T-PODResponder is designed without the use of metal so it does not have to be removed for MRI, X-RAY and CT scans.
  • Compact and lightweight design to better fit into your emergency bag.
  • Using a unique mechanical advantage pulley system, T-PODResponder ensures simultaneous, symmetrical compression, where and when needed – placing control of the tightening process in the hands of providers.
  • Early pre-hospital pelvic immobilization using T-PODResponder reduces morbidity, mortality, blood loss, the need for blood transfusions and hospital length of stay.



MAT Responder

De MAT Responder the newest tourniquet device from Pyng Medical. Developed for first responders based on an award-winning design, MATResponder can be quickly applied in the field to all limbs with one hand, and features a mechanical ratchet system to provide safe compression in controlled increments.

7 reasons every emergency responder should chose MATResponder:

  • 100% blood flow occlusion in 30 seconds (as measured by Doppler, BP and Oximeter sensors)
  • Safe compression. Can be applied in small, controlled increments and easily released.
  • One-hand application. Easy-to-use/learn for all levels of medical and non -medical personnel.
  • Multi-purpose application to arms, legs and trapped limbs.
  • Secure. Mechanical advantage ratchet system ensures that MATResponder does not slip or loosen.
  • Light weight, compact design. Weighs under 5 ounces and comes vacuum packed.
  • Durable. Operates in extreme conditions such as mud, water and sand submersion, extreme cold, ice-encrustment and hard surface (concrete) impact.