DeRoyal® – Medical products and systems



DeRoyalDeRoyal ® stands for “Improving Care, Improving Business®”

DeRoyal manufactures healthcare products worldwide. Each product in DeRoyal’s Surgical & Acute Care, Orthopedics & Patient Care, and Wound Care divisions has been developed with the input from professionals. They keep innovating because it’s part of their heritage.


DeRoyalSurgical & Acute Care

Our Surgical & Acute Care product line includes hundreds of products designed for use in virtually any surgical or acute care setting. This line features disposable, latex free O.R. products that are designed to provide both quality and cost-effectiveness.


DeRoyalOrthopedics, patient protection, & rehabilitation

DeRoyal’s Orthopedic, patient protection, & rehabilitation products are found in emergency rooms, orthopedic departments, healthcare clinics, and physical therapy/rehab centers all over the world. We offer a diverse range of solutions for providing your patients with the best possible orthopedic, patient protection, and rehabilitation care, including orthopedic softgoods, bracing, rehabilitation, patient protection, temperature therapy, and  electrotherapy.

DeRoyalWound Care

DeRoyal’s Wound Care product line features proprietary wound care technologies that help heal the most difficult wounds. Our products provide you with advanced, easy-to-use, and affordable solutionsfor all phases of acute, chronic, and burn wound care.

QRS Healthcare represents the brand exclusively within the Netherlands. We will actively introduce the products in the Netherlands, to make sure you know the products, it’s quality, affordability and the ease of use that enables you to offer your patients the best possible care!

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